When delivering our electrofilter, a service and maintenance contract is offered which is strongly recommended because the electrofilter, although fully automated, is such a fundamental thing for the user that the customer’s access to maintenance must be quick and easy.

The filter offers an integrated access for the supplier to monitor almost all parts of the filter on the Internet and to have access to various parameters so that the filter works fully operational and optimally for the user at all times.

The filter is equipped with a very advanced PLC control with integrated  HMI, which makes the system extremely user-friendly.

The maintenance contract can be entirely composed according to the individual needs of the customer. Some need us to provide our specialists and expertise 24 hours a day, others will have the opportunity to call during the day, while others need an annual inspection and pay if necessary. Spare parts are available at your expense.

The user can track filter activity and loading and display relevant data, including filter history. In addition to being physically present in the filter room, the user can access the control from his own PCs and messages, including alarms, can be sent by SMS to the responsible persons.

All components included in the filter are of the highest quality and can be supplied at any time. The company has all the spare parts.