Our ESP filter

Our ESP filter

Our unique patented system is an electrostatic precipitation filter (ESP) capable of cleaning large volumes of air very efficiently. What’s so unique about our solution is that it is completely maintenance free and also offers comparable performance to much bulkier setups. The system features an automated self-cleaning mechanism which collects all dust and particles. In addition, our system is equipped with a highly advanced control unit which ensures optimal performance under all conditions.

See our filter in action. Click the video below to watch it.

The most prominent advantages of our filter are as follows:

  • High effiecency (92% 98%)
  • Self cleaning and draining
  • Requires less space (1.800 x 2.000 x 2.550 mm)
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption (1KW to 3KW full load)
  • Advanced control unit (PLC) with remote control on PC, tablets and Smartphones.
  • Inexpensive compared to competitors
  • Robust design
  • High security
  • A plug and play filter

Central to our design is a multilayered disc array arranged in such a manner which ensures that airflow is efficiently distributed. An electrostatic voltage is applied which causes the particles and dust to attach themselves to the discs. A scraper will effortlessly remove these particles which fall to the bottom of the filter where a screw conveyor transports the precipitation away. This process ensures that the separation process stays as efficient as possible, and that minimal amounts of dust and particles re-enter the system by accident.

When compared to a traditional fabric filter which will typically require 2-3 times the vertical space area in order to purify a similar volume of air, the stacking of discs horizontally allows us to offer higher performance with considerably smaller space requirements (SQM)

To reach optimal performance, many variables must be considered. To efficiently cope with this, our filter is equipped with a sophisticated control unit (PLC) capable of monitoring and adjusting the process continuously. In addition, it offers remote control via the internet, remote support and remote firmware updates.

For data-logging and optimization purposes, third-party accessories can be added. Particle sensors provides the client with the possibility to measure the effectiveness of large volume air purifying systems such as our ESP system.